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KCPE Results were released on 29th January 2015. Overall, the schools in Emuhaya performed above average with the highest attaining over 400marks. Of the three Wards, it is only the West Bunyore Ward that performed poorly. The reason for the poor performance has yet to be determined particularly for a school like Esibila primary school that has been doing well before. Plans are underway to convene a meeting with the heads of the schools together with the school management committees to discuss what may have transpired and put remedial measures for this year. Some of the reasons that led to this poor results in West Bunyore may include poor management making some schools like Emwatsi and Mungoye, Ebukanga, Essumba and Esalwa drop drastically with Esalwa leading from behind.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the teachers and parents as well as the DEO’ s office for the overall good performance. Our challenge now is to ensure that all these students join form one. We are appealing to the parents to do everything possible to see to it that the children continue with the learning.

On our part as CDF, we have set aside 17M shillings as Bursary to be given to those needy students who are very needy. For those students who got less than 200 marks e encourage them to join our youth polytechnics that are currently well equipped and staffed so that they can learn lifelong skills in various fields like masonry, carpentry, plumbing electrical and mechanical engineering, welding. For those who will join the Youth polytechnic, the government offers a bursary of KShs. 15,000.00 and CDF will also support those who are needy.

We are grateful to Equity Bank for offering wings to fly scholarships to 7 needy but bright students from Emuhaya Constituency. We hope other corporate organizations like KCB, Cooperative Bank and the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation will also offer scholarships to those who applied for the same. We also appeal to our elite from those areas where the schools performed badly to visit, mentor the pupils and advise the school management committees on better management of the schools to be able to improve on performance.

The MP’s office will liaise with the DEO’s office to ensure the finalization of the preparation of Curriculum for the remaining classes from 1-6 and to organize for Mocks that will be sponsored by CDF for the rest of the year.

Establishment of Teacher Training College
Plans are underway to establish a teacher-training college in Emuhaya to be known as Bunyore Teacher Training College

During this Financial year starting November 2014 to date, the following new roads have been opened and graded. The roads in the above table were opened and graded during the period November 2014 to January 2015 and are due for grading before end of March 2015.
However for Essumba-Eng’onia road, Ekalabala-Esiraha road and Ilungu–Mundaha road, the opening, grading and gravelling work is yet to commence.

Tarmacking of Luanda to Esirulo road
The works are expected to commence during the next Financial year from June 2015.

The bridge connecting Ilonje to Ebututi is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by end of March 2015.

The following footbridges are under construction and are expected to be completed by end of March 2015.1.Mungetsa/Ebututi footbridge in Tongoi Location, 2.Inaya Footbridge in Ipali Location, 3.Mulwanda Footbridge in Echichibulu Location,4.Elusi Footbridge in Ipali Location, 5.Musitoyi Footbridge in Ebusamia Location, 6.Musiakhupa footbridge in Ebusiratsi Location

Water Projects
The construction of the distribution water tank for Ebunangwe water supply at Echichibulu market has been completed. Plans are now underway to complete the remaining water works before the project is commissioned.

Water Boreholes
The M.P. has secured some funds from the Ministry of water headquarters to construct water boreholes at the following institutions: Emusire Health Centre, Ebukanga Health Centre, Esibila Secondary school and Ebunagwe Secondary school. The construction is expected to commence during mid February 2015.

The County Government has provided an ambulance for Ipali Health Centre. The challenge is that the Health Centre should have a full time Doctor, Clinical Officer and nurses and the Wards constructed by CDF should be fully equipped. Also drugs should be made available all the time by the County Government.

During the month of December 2014, CDF provided fuel to security authorities to patrol the entire District on a 24-hour basis to ensure that there were no insecurity cases. As a result, the District experienced a peaceful Festive season and a new year of peace.

Completion of ICT Centre at CDF Headquarters
The establishment of ICT Centre at CDF headquarters at Luanda has been completed and will be officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for Information and Communication, Dr. Fred Matiang’a on 16th February 2015. The Centre will be used free of charge by students, researchers and teachers to access to internet and relevant information regarding the District.

Cultural Promotion
he County Government held the cultural festival on 26th December 2014 at Ebusakami and was officially opened by the Governor for Vihiga County Hon. Moses Akaranga. The M.P. for Emuhaya attended and stressed the need for all stakeholders to be involved in the organization of the cultural festival to make it all-inclusive. He also requested the Governor to commence the construction of Bunyore Cultural Centre at Esibila starting next year 2016. There is already land acquired by the community with the help of the M.P. for this purpose.

Launch of Anyole Radio Station
The radio station building and facilities have been greatly refurbished and renovated. On 19th December 2014, the radio stakeholders held a harambee to raise money to be used to prepare for the official launch of the station. About KShs.120,000.00 shillings was raised against a target of KShs. 500,000.00 The station is scheduled to be officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Prof. Wakhungu in mid February 2015. We appeal to all well-wishers to support this radio station and contribute in any way including visiting the station and talking to the people of Bunyore on issues regarding good governance and ways and means of accelerating development in the community. Lastly, the M.P. in collaboration with the Kenya Meteorological Department have secured KShs. 12M to construct a Social Hall and establish a fully-fledged weather station that will be managed by a qualified meteorologist.

2014 CDF Tournament Finals
Emuhaya CDF held her 2014 football tournament finals at Emusire High school on 23rd December 2014 bringing to an end a three-month tournament that began on 4th October 2014. A total of 42 teams took part in the tournament with 12 teams for ladies and 30 teams for the men. The tournament also witnessed athletic finals in various disciplines.

The soccer finals for ladies were held between Ebusiloli United Ladies FC and Barcelona Ladies FC where the former beat the latter 2-0. For the men, Young Sportiff FC beat Golden Stars FC 1-0 clinching the 2014 title and the awards that went with it.

While addressing the participants prior to the finals, Hon. Dr. Ottichilo thanked the CDF Sports committee for the good work done in arranging and managing the tournament for three months. . He promised to put together one common team from the best players to make a sub-county team and that CDF would support that team. Hon. Dr. Ottichilo said CDF will also train referees. He asked the youth to take technical education and train for skilled labour at the upcoming Ebukanga Technical Training Institute. He further asked the youth to take Identity Cards and voting cards for free since his office had invested in the logistics of the exercise adding that there would be no significant development without voting for good leadership now and in future.

Commenting on the state of play fields in Emuhaya, Hon. Dr. Ottichilo reminded participants that CDF had invested in levelling all sports fields in the constituency and fixing modern FIFA goalposts to promote professional football.

Two teams reached the finals having thrashed all the rest and locked horns for the first position at Emusire ‘Stadium.’ Young Sportiff hit Golden Stars 1-0 and in turn received KShs. 50,000.00 from the M.P. as well as a ball, Certificates for the players and a trophy. Golden Stars FC in second position received KShs. 30,000.00 as well as a trophy donated by Equity Bank Luanda Branch.

The third position was taken by Nyundo FC who received 15,000/= as fourth position went to Luanda United FC and received 10,000/= in appreciation from M.P.

For ladies, the teams performed as follows; Ebusiloli United took first position followed by Barcelona Ladies, Eluhobe United and Young Sportiff Ladies respectively.

In athletics, Laura Nekesa won 100M ladies followed by Margaret Andisi and Sophy Mabiala. The finals were treated with fun and glamour from many fans who thronged the Emusire playground to witness the finals. In order to have a better view of the performance, many youths found a comfortable seating space on the cypress hedge. Some held placards with messages as below

For 100M Men, Geofrey Khamati led followed by Stephen Okelo and Andrew Omulinda. 200M Ladies was won by Laura Nekesa, Everlyne Malinya and Shamza Nyangasi respectively. For 200Men, Gofrey Khamati, Fredrick Olusaba and Obed Hanningtone took first three positions. 400M Ladies, Mabinda Sophy, Hellen Mutakala and Everline Andeo took top 3 positions. Gofrey Khamat took 400M followed by Andrew Mauwa and Franklin Onyiso. Levine Achungo took 800M Ladies as Mathrace Mutola took same for men. Ladies relay went to Emakunda Location as the men went to Echichibulu Location.

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