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The great Emuhaya constituency received KSh.49 million not remitted from the 2012/2013 financial year. Kenyans had stoped the release of the money with the fear that the M.Ps would misuse the fund during elections. The money released on the 16th of September had been budgeted for various projects: renovation of schools,building of new classrooms and dormitories, maintenance of roads, etc. On 23rd of September, the area M.P and members of CDFC disbursed KSh. 3.5milion to the following institutions: Itumbu secondary 400,000/=, Esalwa Boys High School 800,000/=, Ebukoolo primary 300,000/=, Ematsuli secondary 400,000/=, Emmukunzi secondary 400,000/=, Emurembe primary 300,000/=, Ikumu primary 500,000/= Emusire high school 400,000/=. On 21st of Esptember,the M.Ps for Luanda and Emuhaya issued a cheque of KSh. 166,950/= to Ebusakami Girls High School for purchase of a pump for the borehole. The CDFC is in the process of preparing more cheques for distribution.

On 21st of September, both M.Ps for Luanda and Emuhaya officially launched Ebusakami Girls High school to a fully fledged girls’ boarding. The school was previously a mixed secondary school. The function was attended by the District Commissioner, District Education Officer and other key stakeholders in the Education sector. The purpose of starting unisex boarding schools is to improve on performance. Most of the schools in the district are mixed day and have been registering poor performance over the years, resulting from inaccessibility to facilities, long distance to school and other domestic challenges facing students. The creation of unisex schools is to enhance performance. Among the schools implementing this policy is Esalwa Boys High School which has fully transformed to Boys’ boarding school:,Ebusiratsi Girls, Ebubayi Boys and Esibila secondary are in the process of facing out girls and boys respectively.


a) The District Bursary Board

Members include the following: Jonathan Angote- Chairman, Joseph Lukuyu- Secretary, Ananda Mahindu- AEO, Lukiri Musalama- DQASO, Joel Omutsani- KESSHA, Moses Munala- KEPSHA, Rosemary Bireng- DEO, District Officer I representing the DC, Unes Alimu, Aurthur Esikhunya, Grace Stika, Peter Sikobe, Joash Omole, Zephania Ouma.

b) The District Roads committee

The members to this committee comprises of: Danson Zebedee Osabwa- chairman, Alfred Abunza, Hellen Shikuku, Risper awinja,Patrict Ongaya Nakuti, Manoa Indeba, the District Development Officer, District Commissioner and the M.P Hon. Wilbur Ottichilo.

c) Constituency AIDS Coordinating Committee( CACC)

Members include: Walter Walufu Deya- coordinator, Nerea Kaponya-D.O, Joan Olachi- Youth Officer, Dishon Omboko- civil society, Florence Mandela- PWHA, Romona Mayoka-PWD, Everlyne Khayundi, women rep. James Otsembo, youth rep., William Oboka-private and Daniel Aseka Alela.


Education is power and whoever has it has an edge in any competition. The following sons and daughters of Abanyole have been appointed to senior positions through a rigorous and competitive process:

1. Professor Teresah Akeng’a- Vice Chancellor, Eldoret University
2. Professor Mable Imbuga- Vice chancellor, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
3. Professor Reuben Nasibi- Chairperson, Chuka National University
4. Dr. Reardon Olubayo- Chaiperson, Egerton University
5. Professor Benson Estambale- Deputy Vice Chancellor, Bondo University
6. Mrs. Josephta Mukobe- Principal Secretary, Office of the President
7. Mr. Manoa Esipisu, Head, Presidential Press Unit

Abanyole have also been appointed in the County Government. Two appointees to the executive committee; Hon. Sande Mukuna is the secretary for Agriculure and cooperative development, Newton Okwiya is the secretary for Trade and Tourism. Others include: Mrs. Carolyne Enane, the Chairperson, County Public Service Board, Mrs Naomi Esiaba – Member and Mr. Bigood Asienwa- Member.

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