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The electioneering process has started in earnest and already prospective candidates have commenced on marketing themselves for various positions. As regards Hon. Dr. Ottichilo’s position on the same, there has been increased public demand and pressure on him to go for the position of governorship in 2017. Through extensive consultation with stakeholders across the County, he has come to the conclusions that come 2017; he will be vying for the position of the Governor. The position of the Governor requires a person with leadership and extensive managerial experience and qualifications. His record is clear on these two virtues. And therefore he believes that if the people of Vihiga County agree to elect him as the next Governor, he will work collaboratively with them to transform the County in the shortest period in terms of socio-economic development. Therefore, at the appropriate time he will be requiring the support of those who believe in actual transformation of our County. If elected, his first agenda will be to unite the three sub-clans to work as a team and focus on human capital development in the county devoid of parochial bias. He strongly believes that no real development can take place if people are polarized or divided hence the need to give priority to the unity of the people of Sabatia, Vihiga, Hamisi, Luanda and Emuhaya constituencies as one family and to involve all the elected leaders and opinion leaders in the planning and implementation of development programmes and projects  


The office of the Member of Parliament for Emuhaya Constituency Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo has ensured that there is transparent Reporting of all development activities undertaken every Quarter. The current Newsletter is providing information on all activities that were undertaken in the third and fourth quarters of 2016 and is also giving a mid-term report on the activities the MP has undertaken or been involved in the last two and a half years  


       Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo has embarked on a journey to research on the history of Bunyore and through his Public Relations Office, is in the process of putting final touches on a new book which will narrate the history of all the clans in Bunyore by tracing their origin from Anyole whose father Muhindira came from Uganda. The thrilling book will be published soon. We acknowledge the contribution of all elders from across Emuhaya who gave valuable information for the upcoming publication)


       On 9th September 2015, Hon. Dr. Ottichilo met the Emuhaya subcounty Council of Elders who paid him a courtesy call at the Parliamentary offices. The agenda of the day was to take stock of the gains the Council had made in the past one year and also evaluate the leadership of Emuhaya subcounty and eventually the County at large. Having broadly deliberated on the above, the Elders unanimously agreed that Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo should vie for the position of Governorship for Vihiga County come 2017. They observed that he had demonstrated in his leadership of the constituency that he was capable of soundly governing the County for accelerated development and equitable distribution of resources.


       In 2015, Emuhaya subcounty had a meanscore of 257.36. A total of 5037 candidates sat the exams. The best 20 schools were Luanda Happy Day Academy, followed by Fadhili Star, Kilingili, Rehoboth, Wonderland, Mwchio Star, Ibubi, Ebukhuliti, Amani Preparatory, Sants Education Centre, Neema, Esirulo,Discovery, Essongolo, Ebulako, Emmabwi, Emusutswi, Ebwali, Emanyinya and Emuhondo respectively. The last ten schools were Emululu, Esibeye, Esiandumba, Epang’a, Emwatsi, Ikumu, Essumba, Emutsuru, Ekwanda and Assebu respectively. The sub-county fielded 102 primary schools that sat for the 2015 KCPE exams. The auditing of the performance of schools- particularly those that did not improve or dropped is on-going. CDF has budged for 2016 performance improvement through examination testing and bench-marking.


       Emuhaya CDF has invested heavily in the relocation of Ebunangwe Secondary School by constructing a storeyed administration block, classrooms, dormitory, ablution block and a kitchen. The relocation of the students from the old premises will formally take place on 6th February 2016.

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