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In a recent poll conducted by Infotrack  Research and Consulting, Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo was rated the best performing Member of Parliament in Kenya beating his 288 colleagues in the august house. The survey which was conducted between December 2014 and February 2015 was carried out in every constituency with a view to determining how the residents rated the performance of their legislators in service delivery on the scale of 1-10 where 1 meant very poor and 10 meant excellent. An average of 600 adult respondents were interviewed per constituency.

For Emuhaya Constituency, the residents found Hon. Dr. Ottichilo�s performance to beyond the scale. All who were interviewed rated him tops in every project he initiated and completed, his regular presence in the constituency, his presence at his office, being responsive to the needs of the electorate, being   supportive in bursary allocation to all needy cases, unmatched road network construction, the community radio station at Esibila as well as a regional weather-forecasting station among others. 


       On Friday, 6th March 2015 Hon. Dr. Ottichilo issued bursary cheques to over 2,400 beneficiaries from Emuhaya constituency. For the first time in the history of CDF bursary support in Emuhaya, all applicants who ever filled the bursary forms and returned them in applicable time were given the bursary.

A colossal sum of KShs. 15,500,000.00 was issued to all University, college, secondary school and bodaboda applicants. For the boda boda riders, the bursary was in the form of paying fees for their training and eventual acquisition of driving licences.The M.P. thanked God for the good 2014 results both in KCPE AND KCSE. He said that from 2015 any bursary support will be pegged on performance. All schools will receive CDF support in line with their performance. In line with this, he called upon the Principals of Secondary schools to up their performance as a means of getting the CDF support since it was pointless putting money where there were no results.He further said that that day marked the genesis of massive CDF Bursary support on the other hand where 50% of all money was given to education.

Hon. Dr. Ottichilo stated that Parliament was working on a Bill to ensure that no student will pay fees in the next three years and that the Government will provide education freely.For the 2015 bursary, Hon. Dr. Ottichilo said that each applicant had benefitted by the secondary school cases getting 5,000/= each, colleges 6,000/= and universities 8,000/= Apart from that, there were 100 cases of fully sponsored students who hailed from very poor backgrounds and had qualified for full sponsorship at the rate of 12,000/= per year in Day Secondary schools. Polytechnic students also benefitted from the bursary support by all applicants getting 6,000/= He said that security and education were paramount for development to take place and as such he had invested in more police posts and solar masts per market.

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