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0n 2nd March 2016, Emuhaya CDF issued bursary cheques to over 7000 needy students in Secondary schools, Colleges and Universities. In total the amount issued was KShs. 25 M. The beneficiaries were over 4,500 students from Secondary schools and 2,500 from Colleges and Universities. The Secondary school applicants got 3,000/= each while College applicants received 4,000/= and Universities 5,000/= each. It is gratifying to note that ALL applicants were considered and none was left out. This is the second year running Emuhaya CDF has ensured that every applicant received support from the bursary kitty. Speaking during the function, the Constituency Office Manager Mr. David Andika asked Abanyole to register as voters in masses if they valued sound leadership. He asked them to continue registering at the IEBC offices even if the mass registration process will come to an end on 15th March since it was a continuous process. The Bursary Committee Chairlady Hellen Shikuku told parents to nurture their children in the best way to be useful to the community in future and that it was not good to waste CDF funds on bursary and the beneficiaries end up failing in exams.  


Residents of Emuhaya Sub County are a happy lot not only after they became a Sub County but received the Deputy County Commissioner on 18th March 2016. The current Emuhaya and Luanda Constituencies were formerly one District/Sub County but following a successful petition with the Ligale Boundaries Commission of 2010, the District was split into two Constituencies hence two Sub Counties. What this means therefore, is that Luanda Sub County will maintain the former headquarters at Emuhaya while Emuhaya Sub County will possess the CDF newly constructed Headquarters at Emusire. On 18th March 2016, residents of Emuhaya Sub County converged at Emusire to write history by welcoming and installing the first ever Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Julius Otieno who had been transferred from Central Mandera to Emuhaya. Present during this important and memorable function in the history of Emuhaya were Hon. Chris Omulele, M.P. Luanda Constituency, MCAs Jennipher Ekhuya, Tom Atingo, Josephat Munayi and Pamela Amunga. Others were Ward Administrators, Yate Aliongo, Hellen Alitsi, Barnabas Eyauma, kennedy Okila, Enos Ongute as well as County Service Board Commissioner Bigood Asienwa, former MCAs Dan Otwoma, Amateya, Muya, Milton Ombuya, Peter Okeng’a. The function also saw the presence of former DC Charles Ohare, Ambassador Franklin Esipila and Hon. Sikalo Ochiel. The Chairman of the Committee in charge of the function was Mr. Alfred Asitiba while the Master of Ceremony was Mr. James Otari. While addressing the residents who attended in large numbers, Hon. Dr. Ottichilo said that history had been written in the history books of Bunyore. He said all Government job recruitments would be carried out at Emusire and that all Government funds for all Departments were to be controlled from Emusire for the new Sub County. Hon. Dr. Ottichilo further said that Emusire was the most Central place in the Sub County and would serve residents equitably. He called on new office-bearers there not to engage in corruption. He called upon residents of Emusire to invest in real estates since the demand for housing would soon shoot up. Hon. Omulele said that Hon. Dr. Ottichilo was a beacon of development in Bunyore and that all Abanyole should support him in his guest for the Governor’s seat in 2017 since his track record speaks for itself not only in Emuhaya but in Kenya at large. Being a Member of the Committee on Roads in Parliament, Hon. Chris Omulele said that the Luanda to Esirulo road had been officially gazette for tarmacking on 22nd February 2016 and work was beginning soon. The new Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Julius Otieno thanked the M.P. for the grand installation called on residents to keep security for development to be spurred. He put dealers in illicit brews on notice and told them to have a countdown towards their nabbing pretty soon under his leadership. In the same breath, he told errant Chiefs who toyed with chang’aa dealers that they will go home sooner than later. He promised to have his office open to serve all residents but cautioned on idle talk and gossip.  


Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo on 15th February 2016 officially launched the IEBC Mass voter Registration Exercise in Emuhaya SubCounty. The One-month national exercise was aimed at capturing new voters who have attained the age of 18 years and above or those who did not register in the previous General Election in 2013. For Emuhaya, the exercise was launched at Esibila Community Social Hall as well as Emusire Sub County Headquarters by Hon. Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo. The M.P. called upon eligible voters to turn out in large numbers to register I readiness for the forth-coming 2017 General election. Speaking in the two launch stations, the MP asked Abanyole to take the exercise seriously to ensure that Emuhaya registered the highest number of voters within the one month. He further called upon them to renew their voter cards for those who had lost theirs. Commenting on his guest for the position of Governor for Vihiga County in 2017, he said the constitution was clear that every five years leadership must be changed through voting and it was time for residents in the County to know that it was their right to vote in favour of good leadership every five years. In the same breath, he said it was time for Vihiga County to get good leadership the County needed to spur development for the residents and shift from the old and analogue politics of ceremonial leadership and rhetoric. Hon. Dr. Ottichilo dared anyone in the County who could match his achievements to come up and challenge him in 2017 since his record spoke for itself. He further said he was going to have his top agenda as that of uniting the County since no development could take place in a polarized County where leadership was the Centre of wrestling among the three clans of Hamisi, Maragoli and Emuhaya. Dr. Ottichilo pointed out that the three were but one house historically and politics should not psyche residents otherwise. Secondly, he vowed to ensure that the Billions the County received annually will in the first two years of his leadership put Vihiga on the Kenyan map in terms of development as never before based on his experience, drive and policy of changing any place he has ever worked for the better and leaving an unbroken record behind. He said failure to plan was indeed a sure way of planning to fail and as such will convene the first ever meeting with all players and stakeholders in Vihiga County to formulate a working Strategic Development Plan with project proposals that will be the basis of his development agenda. The Plan will not just exist on paper but will be translated on the ground in the shortest stint in office for the good of the County.  


The nationwide recruitment of police took place on 4th April 2016 and for the first time it was done separately in Luanda and Emuhaya Sub-counties. The outcome of the recruitment led the selection of 46 youths for training in police force. This is indeed a benefit to the people of Bunyore because if we still had only Emuhaya Sub-county only 23 youths would have been recruited. Any other future recruitment of police, prison-waders and teachers will indeed benefit our people apart from other numerous benefits.  


To date there is no comprehensive written book on the history of the Abanyole people of Vihiga County. Equally there is no information on the origin and what influenced or caused different clans to settle in different areas of Bunyore. Due to lack of documented history of our people, the MP commissioned a study to collect the historical information from elders and other sources and final write a book which will be used by our future generations. The collection and collation of the information has been completed and now is being edited prior to submission for publication. When published, the book will be readily availed to the people of Bunyore for their information and reference. It is expected to be published before the end of the year. DRAFT PUBLICATION  


23-28 FEBRUARY 2016

He was invited by United Nations and World Bank to attend an expert meeting in Washington D.C. to prepare indicators for monitoring the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were approved by Heads of States of 195 countries in September 2015 and are expected to be implemented by the end of 2030. The SDGs focus mainly on the eradication of poverty and on how to address the challenges of Climate Change.

16-20 MARCH 2016

Due to his expertise in Sustainable Development Issues and Climate Change he was appointed by the Speaker of the National Assembly to lead a delegation of Members of parliament from Kenya to a meeting of Members of Parliament from Africa in Abuja, Nigeria. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss on how to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. The outcome of the meeting was the formation of African Parliamentary Network on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. The network will ensure that appropriate legislation is put in place and that adequate budget is allocated to the implementation of the goals as well as creating awareness on the need to implement the goals.

23 MARCH 2016

He tabled a motion in parliament which is urging the Government to set out a day every month for all Kenyans to clean and beautify their environment as per Article 42 of the Constitution. The motion aims to protect environment for the benefit of the present and future generations and to inculcate the culture of keeping our environment clean.

7-10 APRIL 2016

He led a team of Members of Parliament to inspect the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Mombasa to Mtito Andei with the aim of determining the possible environmental impact of the railway particularly the migrations and movements of wildlife in Tsavo National Park. The report of the team will be tabled in Parliament for discussion and adoption.

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